Easter Sunday Praise

When we have a good day at church (which happens often) I want to stay around and linger in the wonder and glory of the day just a little longer.  Easter Sunday was like that for me and many folks I spoke with.  I don’t dread Monday’s, I just want to make Sunday last a little longer though we all leave the buildings tired but fulfilled.  Here are just a few of the things I felt were big praises from Easter weekend:

1) The special Good Friday service.  If you were there nothing more needs to be said.  The men’s song “In the Shadow of the Cross” was powerful with the chorus of male voices.  The quartet sang one of my favorite songs, “Calvary’s Invitation” and Amanda sang with sincerity “The Look.” It was all great!  The narratives interspersed made it so much more impacting thinking about Barrabus, the Roman soldier, and Mary Magdalene.  I was stirred anew leading the congregation to the foot of Calvary through Powerpoint slides and Scripture. 

2) The effort on Great Commission Saturday is something I want to praise God for.  I really liked having ten different homes that folks could sign up for in their community areas.  We were at the Huber’s home and really enjoyed meeting with folks ahead of time for encouragement and then heading out to invite.  You could not ask for better weather and folks responses were cordial and appreciative.  There were people in church Sunday who were invited on Saturday by our folks.

3) Easter Sunday is a big praise!  Wow, I was so encouraged! There was a tremendous spirit among our folks and I sensed an atmosphere of heart for ministry.  There were a lot of visitors.  The most I have seen on an Easter Sunday since coming as pastor.  I had an enjoyable time all day meeting folks, preaching, and weaving in slides from Israel to help tell the greatest story of all in the Resurrection.  We praise God for the great weekend and hope of the Resurrection!

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