Revival 2010

I hope you’re getting excited about our Revival Meetings next week (April 11-16). In case you’re not familiar with this year’s evangelist, Will Galkin, I’ve posted a brief bio from their website.

Evangelist Will Galkin has traveled in evangelism since 1995. Will has earned his M.A. and his wife Christy earned her B.A. in violin performance. They have five children, Anna Grace, William, Lillian, David, and Eliana.

The Galkins traveled with the Steve Pettit Evangelistic Team for six years and have continued on in itinerate evangelism with their own family. Over the past fourteen years the Galkins have participated in over 325 evangelistic campaigns.

During the summer months Will and Christy have ministered at Northland Camp and Conference Center where Will serves a staff evangelist and Christy is involved with various music responsibilities. The Galkins currently base their ministry out of their sending church, Red Rocks Baptist Church.

Keep the Galkins and the rest of their team in your prayers this week. And ask the Lord to begin working in your own heart to prepare you for the messages next week.

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