10 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Ministry – part 2

This is the second part of a two-part series on improving your ministry within the local church. You can find the first part here.

The Bible assumes (1) that every Christian is a part of a local church, (2) because you and I are a part of this local body we are to be serving in some capacity. With those thoughts in mind here are some additional questions to further your personal ministry within the church family:

6. Do I serve with a team spirit?
There is something infectious about serving with another Christian who carries with them a team spirit, isn’t there? A team spirit manifests itself in a willingness to sacrifice personally for the good of another team member or the good of my ministry.

7. Whom am I mentoring to partner with me in ministry?
Whether you’ve been serving in a ministry for 30 years or 3 years each of us ought to have a name or two of individuals that we can point to and say we’ve had an influence on them. Whom have you inspired and encouraged toward greater sacrificial involvement in ministry?

8. Is it time for a more difficult challenge within ministry?
I thank God for individuals who have taught 4th grade girls for 20 or 30 years or labored within some other area of ministry. We need that level of dedication. Yet I’m reminded that I need to be challenged to expand my own ministry experience and ability. How about you? Is it time for a ministry change? One that will make you pray more, one that will make you depend on God more?

9. Have I translated the vision that Pastor has given from the pulpit into my area of ministry?
This may seem more difficult at first glance, but this is a question worth asking. On a regular basis Pastor is giving vision statements from the pulpit, like desiring for our church family to be more inclusive to guests or caring for one anothers needs. Have you had someone into your home lately? Have you looked for a need that you could meet? It maybe simply be stepping out in faith and inviting a friend to an evangelistic service.

10. Have I purposefully sharpened my ministry skills?
Once a year we host a Children’s Ministry Enrichment Seminar, are you faithful in attendance and then implementing the lessons given? If you’re involved in Children’s Ministries talk to Jake Grogan about how you can improve. If you assist Pastor Vic in the Bethel Student Ministries ask him how you could improve in your ministry to the teenagers. Whether it’s Adult Bible Fellowships or the music ministry seek out direction as how to improve your ministry skills.

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