What’s Holding You Back?

“But without faith it is impossible to please Him…” (Hebrews 11:6) So what’s holding you back from taking the next step of faith? As I’ve been thinking lately about my own personal walk with the Lord I’ve been meditating on this very question. What is the next step I should take in order to be obedient to the Lord? and why am I not taking that step? I have come to four conclusions as to why I don’t take the next step of faith.

  1. I am comfortable with where I’m at spiritually. I tend to think that I’m doing OK spiritually. Certainly, I’m doing better than “so-and-so.” I mean, com’on, I have made serious, life-altering decisions in the past. Isn’t that good enough? I know that the correct answer to those questions is, no. But there is something so satisfying about being content in my current spiritual state.
  2. I am fearful of what other people may think. I am such a “man-fearer.” I love people to think well of me or accepting of me. But God has laid out a challenge to all to fear the Lord (Proverbs 1.7).
  3. I hate to admit that I need to change and grow. This may control me the most. It’s pride – plain and simple. When we allow this subtle spirit of pride to creep in, we’re done. There’s not a person who’s been saved that has arrived we all need to be striving to push forward spiritually in our relationship with the Lord.
  4. I am nervous that I may not keep my decision. I’ve made decisions in the past only to go back on them in just a few short days or even hours, but a maturing believer has a verse from Proverbs ringing in his ears, “For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again.” (Proverbs 24.16)

I’m curious, what other things could have been added to this list. What do you find holds you back from your next step of faith?

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