Which Adult Bible Fellowship Should I Join?

All this talk about Adult Bible Fellowship. Over the past month or so I have had quite a few people say to me, which ABF should I attend? I plan on taking a blog post to give you a quick overview of the nine ABF classes that are available:

  1. SALT (Single Adults Living the Truth): In a recent article USA Today reported that the current 18 – 24 year olds are “less religious and more spiritual” than previous generations. While we recognize that there is deception with referring to oneself as spiritual, our goal is not for the next generation to be spiritual or religious, but rather involved in a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Our SALT ABF is attempting to meet the need of single adults within our church.
    Teacher: Kevin McDavid
    Room: Music Building
  2. New Beginnings: The challenges of being newly married are immense, navigating life with a newborn can be even more challenging. Our New Beginnings ABF meets the needs of newly married couples to those couples with pre-school children.
    Teacher: Todd Bergey
    Room: Room 232 (Main Building)
  3. Home Works! Connecting couples who are in the early parenting stage is one of the goals of Home Works! If you’re parenting children who are in the late pre-school stage through the late elementary years this is the Adult Bible Fellowship for you.
    Teacher: Joel Mosier
    Room: Room 231 (Main Building)
  4. Take 2: Once we’ve completed rearing our kids through the elementary years another set of challenges arise: the teenager years. Take 2 is designed to build camaraderie and community among couples who are rearing those in the pre-teen and teen years.
    Teacher: Pastor Campbell
    Room: Library (Timothy Building)
  5. Harvesters: Aah, the empty-nest years! They’re supposed to be “easy and care-free.” But a unique set of challenges are specific to this life stage. Acquaint yourself with those who are attempting to live out God’s plan for their lives.
    Teacher: Rick Harris
    Room: Room 230 (Main Building)
  6. Scripture Sisters: Quality Bible teaching  and quality friendships. An ABF designed for ladies both single and married.
    Teacher: Linda Kreger
    Room: Room 132 (Main Building)
  7. Ambassadors: There are three classes that are attempting to meet the needs of those in the retirement stage of life. The Ambassadors ABF currently meets in the auditorium specifically for retired couples. Regular activities, solid Bible teaching and building community within the specific life stage is the goal of our Ambassadors.
    Teacher: Russ Baun
    Room: Auditorium
  8. Joyful Hearts: For those single ladies in their retirement years this is the ABF for you.
    Teacher: Krista Buan
    Room: Room 131 (Main Building)
  9. Watchmen: Single men in the retirement stage of life develop friendships over Bible study and quality teaching in our Watchmen ABF.
    Teacher: Ron Laube
    Room: Room 140 (Timothy Building)

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