Increasing Your Ministry Potential

Have you ever been involved in a ministry of church that was stagnant and stale? There could be many reasons for that: 1) the ministry leader was not suited to lead in that specific ministry, 2) sin was holding back God’s blessing (Ps 66.18), 3) laziness or 4) we didn’t know what the next step was to see growth (spiritually & numerically).

If you’re involved in a ministry and it is your desire to see that Sunday School class, bus route, AWANA group, Adult Bible Fellowship or any other area of ministry grow.  Here are four suggestions of seeing your ministry potential grow:

1) Understand your ministry includes the other six days of the week. We need to remember that if we’re going to see growth on Sunday then we must be tending and shepherding that individual Monday through Saturday. One common objection by faithful volunteers goes something like this, “But, I am so busy during the week, it’s nearly impossible to see my family, let alone contact someone in my ABF during the week.” Begin small, send a postcard. Send a text message. Write a quick note to them via Facebook. Do something that demonstrates love and concern. Do it Monday through Saturday.

2) It’s hard to resist love and compassion. Showing and demonstrating love is not a church growth tool. Showing and demonstrating love is the church growth tool. It is New Testament biblical Christianity. Demonstrate love and compassion at times when needs are real. It may mean staying up a little bit later to make a meal. It may mean inconveniencing yourself in some way, but love is demonstrated.

3) Invest in people. People don’t understand how much you’re “for them” until you begin to invest in them. What does it mean to “invest” in someone? Exactly what it sounds like. You deposit trust. You deposit time. You deposit your resources through a gift card or taking them to breakfast.

4) Plan your schedule. There’s nothing quite like being prompted by the Holy Spirit to meet a genuine need. We ought to be submissive to the Holy Spirit’s prompting in your life. One way to see your area  of ministry grow is to plan times to be a genuine encouragement. Write a note to a child in your Sunday School class. Give a compliment to a young parent of their child behaving well. Plan moments to invest. Plan moments to show love and compassion. Plan ministry moments outside of your Sunday responsibility to the same group of people whom you serve on Sunday.

I’ve noticed one common thread that runs through all these principles: loving people.

I’d love to hear other ideas that has helped your ministry grow. What have you found to be a help?

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