Ten Strategies to Reading Your Bible

During our Wednesdays in the Word series, Ruud Stolvoort has been teaching an extremely helpful series on Bible Study. Ruud recently gave ten strategies to reading your Bible. It was a helpful list that has aided me in my Bible reading and I hope it will be a help to you too.

  1. Read your Bible thoughtfully. Give thought to what you are reading. Think about the context, the history and the main point essential to this passage.
  2. Read your Bible repeatedly. One time is not enough. It takes reading a passage two, three or four times to truly understand what God is attempting to teach us.
  3. Read your Bible patiently.
  4. Read your Bible selectively. Choose passages to read in areas where you need growth.
  5. Read your Bible prayerfully. The Bible is a spiritual book and needs the Spirit’s illumination.
  6. Read your Bible imaginatively. Put yourself in Moses’ sandals. Stand before the walls of Jericho with Joshua. Sit around the fire when Peter denies Jesus.
  7. Read your Bible meditatively. (Joshua 1.8)
  8. Read your Bible purposefully. Allow your Bible reading to become more than checking something off your list.
  9. Read your Bible acquisitively. Acquire the Bible. Don’t read passively.
  10. Read your Bible telescopically. Dig down deep and seek to understand the depths. Don’t allow yourself to be a surface reader.

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