Connecting via Adult Bible Fellowship

Why all the emphasis on our Adult Bible Fellowships? This past Sunday afternoon one of our newest Adult Bible Fellowships, Home Works!, got together for a Cookout Connection. It was a tremendous time. We had well over 100 people at the cookout, with over 20 families with untold potential to impact the kingdom of God.

I will concede that any of the following could be accomplished no matter what the name is given to the “Sunday-morning-at-9:30am-time,” but I believe the name, Adult Bible Fellowship, accurately portrays what we’re attempting to accomplish. Here are seven reasons why ABF’s are great at connecting people…

  1. ABF”s practices both brotherly love (the love of brothers) and  hospitality (the love of strangers). more pictures below
  2. ABF’s work together to provide people opportunity to connect through fellowship & ministry.
  3. ABF’s create an environment where all people – particularly newcomers can connect and be cared for as someone special.
  4. ABF’s expect guests and plan to greet/register them when they arrive.
  5. ABF’s are ACE connectors…
    Connect when someone is ABSENT
    Connect when there is a CRISIS
    Connect to ENCOURAGE
  6. ABF’s connect through fellowship activities.
  7. ABF’s connect class members to the ministry of the church.

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