10 Ideas on Loving Your Neighbors to Christ

Summer is a great time to build your relationships with your neighbors. The dark and cold months of winter  are gone. The summer months allow for getting to know those families who live on either side of you. We must be intentional about beginning and maintaining redemptive relationships. If you have additional ideas add them to the comment section below.

  1. Acknowledge their presence.
    Smile at them as you’re mowing your lawn or taking the trash out. It’s amazing how easy it is to “live in our own world” without acknowledging another person’s physical presence. We may wonder why that neighbor won’t let me talk to them about their soul, but when reality is lived out we barely recognize their presence.
  2. Walk to your house slowly.
    This can be hard to do, but instead of rushing in and out of your home, take your time as you walk back and forth for the simple purpose of speaking a friendly hello. Our “care and trust” reputation is built over a period of time, not just during the crisis moments.
  3. Invite them over for supper.
    It’s hard to resist a free meal. Try grilling some hamburgers and hot dogs.
  4. Get a neighborhood baseball game going.
    If you live in a neighborhood with elementary age children this is a perfect idea of getting to know other families in your community.
  5. Be visible at neighborhood block parties.
    Allow yourself to be seen and getting to know people. Help with setting up tables and chairs. Supply the paper plates and napkins. You don’t have to spend all night out and about. Understand unbelieving people don’t act like believing people. Be salt and light.
  6. Participate and/or help plan the neighborhood yard sale.
    Demonstrate your willingness to pitch in and see something accomplished for the good of the neighborhood. Post the directional signs. Remember the purpose is not to sell those extra t-shirts that your kids have amassed over the years. The purpose is to build and maintain redemptive relationships.
  7. Bake some cookies or bread and stop by for a surprise visit.
    Who can resist free cookies or fresh-baked bread?
  8. Volunteer to dog sit for them on a Saturday afternoon.
    I know this would be a big one, but it would go a long way in building a platform of friendship and good-will.
  9. Help shovel their sidewalk during the winter months.
    I know this isn’t a summer idea, but I was struggling with a tenth idea. So here it is. It’s ok for friendliness to extend into the winter months. 🙂
  10. Take their trash to the curb while they’re on vacation.
    This is such a simple step that would go a long way in communicating your desire to be a helpful neighbor. Let them know you’ll keep an eye on their place while their gone.

Some of these are real time commitments, but building a redemptive relationship takes time. (By the way, none of these ideas are excuses for not sharing the Gospel sooner rather than later.)

Make your plans. Use this summer for God’s intended purpose. I truly believe the best neighbors in the greater Quakertown area ought to be members of Bethel Baptist Church.

If you have additional ideas put them in the comment section. You may be a real help to the rest of us.

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