Cool Things About Being a Dad

Father’s Day is a time for reflection as is any special day.  I have just had a few things bouncing off my mind and heart that I wanted to give here.  Maybe you have had these thoughts to and can relate to them.  There are a thousand or a million things to say about being a Dad.  These are the cool things about being a dad from my perspective:

1.  Doing lady stuff with girls and guy stuff with the boys.  Girl stuff may include having tea, playing with Polly Pockets, drawing or a watching sisters paint nails.  The guys stuff would be looking at baseball cards, admiring a new Lego creation, shooting BB guns, or watching a bike trick.  Going to a Phillies game or playing football in the yard together are memories hard to beat.  The multifaceted interests of kids and getting to be part of them all is cool about being a Dad.

2.  Jumping on the trampoline with kids, sprinklers on hot days, and anything else that produces fun laughter.  A happy heart is like medicine according to Proverbs and spontaneous, carefree laughter with kids is health to the soul.  Giggling and laughing with a sprinkler on is a sure-fire way to help lift pressure in any home.  Usually Dad is the biggest person on the trampoline which makes him cool because he can bounce others to the moon.  These are cool things about being a Dad.

3. Watching their faces as they are impacted by some great thing…that is cool.  I love being in the car with kids after we have had a great day at church.  I love to hear and watch them talk about how they were impacted.  I watched my son’s face last night as we viewed the Frontline Missions video and saw him drinking in the scene of children his age in Albania as the narrator said that these children had never heard about the Gospel.  It is cool to expose them to great causes and to be a part of it as their Dad.

4.  Hugs, kisses, and expressions of affection.  I don’t think any dad will ever tire of feeling his children’s arms around his neck and those kid kisses.  Our nightly routine includes holding hands for prayer while kids are in bed and then hugging and kissing each one.  The summer routine can be altered by extra tickling before bed and then another round of kisses and hugs.  It seems that we all feel the day is incomplete unless we can say “I love you” and can hug one another.

5.  Watching them grow into their God-given personalities…that is cool.  What seems cool to me about that is that they all seem to have a built-in sense of wanting to know if Dad is pleased with them.  That is a big responsibility a dad carries.  It is easy to wound their spirit if we are not careful.  It is a cool thing though to see the satisfaction in their faces when we are pleased.  We want God to be well-pleased with them most of all.

What do you think is cool about being a Dad?

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