Introducing Discover Bethel!

Big news…the Campbell’s now have their first teenager in the home!  We love it and look forward to the challenges and blessings of these awesome years.  It does call to mind though some nostalgic moments of bringing our first baby home from the hospital thirteen years ago.  I remember washing the car and making sure the camera and everything I was responsible for was ready to go.  We loved it all but going from two adults, to two very excited but scared adults and a baby was an adjustment.  Families go through adjustments and so do churches when new people join.  That is why we are introducing Discover BethelDiscover Bethel is our way of introducing our selves to folks considering membership. We want to help folks to assimilate into the life of our church.  The orientation is as follows:

1. Who are we? This is our Discover Bethel introduction and luncheon – At this first meeting we introduce the church and its history to new folks.  We show a video to help us with this introduction and follow it with some testimonies from current members about how God has changed their life at Bethel.

2. What do we believe? – in this class time we review the Doctrinal Statement of our church and how emphasize how important doctrine is, where we base our doctrine, and the practical applications of doctrine.

3. How can I get involved? Here we introduce the ministries of the church and how to get involved.  Adult Bible Fellowships will be highlighted during this time.  We also explain the explain the process for membership and introduce folks to our staff leadership team.

4. Why do we do what we do? This is where we go over our Church Covenant and some of the philosophy behind being a  Baptist church with Bible-based, conservative Christian values.  We will explain some of the “Why’s” of our church.

I am happy to report that our first Discover Bethel class has 13 families enrolled.  5 of them have recently joined and 8 of them are checking things out.  We currently have a list of folks waiting our second Discover Bethel.  If you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity let us know!

Do you know of someone you should invite to be part of Discover Bethel?

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