Free Friday Give-Away

It’s been awhile since we’ve given away something free on BethelLife. Actually this week we’re giving away two items. With the HOPE concert coming this Sunday we thought now would be a good time to give away a free copy of Kelly Brake-Hubbard’s new cd, Hope. Also, a couple that we’re familiar with at Bethel, Matt & Christy Taylor have recently come out with a new cd titled, Everlasting Praise.

To qualify to win simply place a comment in the comment section. You can even state which one you’d prefer and if possible we will try to honor your request if you win. In order to qualify only comments placed before 9pm (EST) will be accepted.

Everlasting Praise from Matt & Christy Taylor

I Will Glory in My Redeemer from Kelly Hubbard

27 Responses

  1. Perhaps “the early bird will get the …..” CD?
    We have purchased the Hope CD and 2 additional ones to give, but “looking the gift horse in the mouth” is not good so either one would be great. Looking forward to Sunday’s activities.

    • We have one and gave one out too. Praying that our guest will be in attendance with us this Sunday.

      Don’t know that I’ve ever heard the phrase “looking the gift horse in the mouth”?

  2. We will miss the HOPE concert this coming Sunday, and have been praying that all goes well.

    We purchased the Taylor’s CD on Wednesday night and have been enjoying listening to it. “All I ever want to be” is the song the kids can’t stop singing.

  3. OK, I’m going with the Barth’s selection. I’d like to hear Everlasting Praise! Thanks!

  4. Really looking forward to the concert and activities this Sunday! Both cds look great – I’m always looking for new God-honoring music!

  5. Everlasting Praise would be our CD choice. If there is any HOPE that we can win, we would be thrilled to have another HOPE CD as well to share with someone else.

    BTW, what accounting firm is monitoring the “random drawing” for the winner? Just wanted to make sure it wasn’t the firm of Grogan, Mosier & Campbell — was thinking it should be the more unbiased firm like Kate, Pam, & Noemi 🙂 — just a thought.

  6. I agree with Todd on the accounting firm selections! Praying for the concert on Sunday, can’t wait for it!

  7. Looking forward to the Hope Concert this Sunday! May the Lord be pleased and people be blessed.

  8. I’ve seen the Hope CD before but had not yet heard anything from it. That was a wonderful sample. If we are allowed to participate and happen to win, that would be my preference. -Joshua

  9. I think the thoight behind the give away is to see if we read your blog sites….
    Sunday night night has always been my favorite service it is definately family time for me.

    Be happy to explain “looking the gift horse in the mouth” sometime!!!

  10. I would take either or both 🙂 if so led to be chosen! Disappointed we will miss the HOPE concert this time around, but we know it will be a blessing….love all the songs that will be sung!

  11. Do you get an extra draw if you comment twice?!!!! HA

  12. The Taylors!

  13. There is always “HOPE” that we would be chosen to win the cd. If we would win we would give “Everlasting Praise” to the one who chose us. We would really like our boys to have the Everlasting Praise cd to add to their collection of good Godly music. Thank you for the opportunity.

  14. Hey, if my husband is the youth pastor, do I still qualify? 🙂 We have 2 of the Kelly Hubbard CDs, so we would love to get the one by Matt and Christy! We are having a great week with the Senior Highers here in NH. They finished their canvassing early so they got to go whale watching this morning! They saw 7 whales, and got great pictures!

  15. If my wife is a youth pastor’s wife, do I still qualify? 🙂 Ok, Ok, I admit it, this is Hannah entering twice!

  16. We (well actually, I held little Luke) sang All I Want to Be on Sunday at New England Shores Baptist Church. I would love the Everlastung Praise cd…who knows maybe it will help with my undiscovered talent.

  17. Either one would make great listen music for the moving trip…..:)

  18. It’s been a fun day. Drumroll please – and the winners are (using are incredibly high-tech drawing process)…

    Jim Kenny – Everlasting Praise

    Jack & Jen Dowler – Hope

    Congratulations! See the bookstore on Sunday to receive your cd.

    Be in prayer for the concert on Sunday.

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