Behold the City

Special thanks to Mike Morton, one of our church interns, for this guest post:

This past Monday, Bethel’s SALT group took a trip to New York City.While in the city, they visited many of the important sites while walking an estimated 10 miles.Little did they know while walking the distance of a city block, they passed an estimated 80 ethnic groups from all around the world! The World comes to New York City!

I was considering this thought in regard to worldwide missions. Too many people are concerned about the sacrifices they would have to make if they went to the mission field, but what if the mission field came to them?

This happened to Jesus. As he was going about from city to city, a large multitude began to follow him. Matthew 9:36 says,

“But when he saw the multitudes, he was moved with compassion on them, because they fainted, and were scattered abroad as sheep having no shepherd.”

Jesus saw the people in their need and had compassion! As Christians, are we seeing people in their need? We may not have to go to a foreign nation or talk another language, but rather notice the people around us. Does our compassion for them move us to action? We need to share with our neighbors their need of Christ!

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