Parenting & Influence

We’ve all heard the phrase: leadership is influence. How God disciples and parents me, as one of His children is the perfect model for how we rear our own children.

  1. When I displease Him, my disobedience strains the relationship, but God does not remove His influence.
  2. He lovingly and graciously confronts and convicts me of my wrong-doing.
  3. When I respond humbly to His correction, He welcomes me back to a restored relationship with Himself.

You may think that is extremely basic and simple, but it is a thought that has overwhelmed me as a father. What a tremendous opportunity to demonstrate what God’s grace means in the home! My concern, as parents, is that there can be times when our children so disappoint us that we actually withhold a gracious, loving relationship almost as a means of punishment. We distance ourselves. Remember, God never withholds His grace toward us. Don’t remove your influence. It is possible to correct and discipline and yet still have a warm and loving spirit. We have an awesome discipleship opportunity in our homes when children disappoint  and disobey to model the grace of God.

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