5 Ways to Pass Your Values to the Next Generation

One of the greatest fears that each generation carries is the fear of not passing on their values to the next generation. I am caught in between two generations, one younger and one older. I’m fearful that many times I blame the younger generation that they’re not owning these values for themselves, when in reality it more that I have not spent enough time or have not communicated with them in order to pass on those all-important values. Sometimes what we say we value and what we actually value can be two different items. Here are 5 suggestions on how to pass on your values to the next generation…

  1. Spend time, lots of time, with them. If the next generation is going to pick up what you value they are going to need to spend time with you – lots of it!
  2. Model the truths you value. If you model church involvement they’ll understand church is important. If you model family time they’ll understand family is important. Bible reading, speaking gently, generosity, tithing, integrity; whatever is consistently modeled they will understand that what is important as soon as the schedule gets rearranged
  3. Tell your story. There is something incredibly powerful about an individual telling their personal story. Tell how God miraculously protected and provided for you.
  4. Allow them to ask questions. One of the most helpful things to me when I was a college intern at a church was the ability to ask difficult and challenging questions. My pastor’s graciousness and generosity endeared me to his personal value set which I carry with me to this day. Asking questions is not a sign of belligerence if done with the right spirit, but of honest biblical/intellectual understanding.
  5. Understand that the next generation is on a journey to your value set. Don’t be frustrated or angry, but patient. Consider the trek that they’re on is not a rejection of your values, but a journey to the values you espouse.

So, what other ways have you found to be helpful in passing on your values to the next generation?

2 Responses

  1. This message was a great reminder to all of us as God’s people no matter what age we are – Reading in again is a big help. Thanks for the timely reminder.

  2. Thank you, Nancy. I truly believe we can see the generation that follows us to accept the mantle of truth and embrace their heritage if we will but spend time with them patiently listening and reasoning from the Scriptures. Thanks for the encouraging words.

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