The Success of Community Sunday

We completed one of the big outreaches of the year just yesterday. Community Sunday was a success!

  1. Many, many families from our Summer Adventure Club participated in Community Sunday.
  2. We were privileged to honor the Law Enforcement Officers in our community.
  3. Community servants were honored.
  4. Two very special people – Jerry and Becky Harris – were honored in the afternoon service.
  5. Bethel’s place in the community was clearly communicated and modeled.
  6. A huge percentage of our church family, not only participated, but served in the various aspects of Community Sunday (food preparation, food serving, leading the carnival games and interacting with our many guests).
  7. Families spent time together creating great memories.
  8. Cotton candy, snow cones and ponies – any questions?
  9. The Lord provided awesome weather.
  10. The Gospel was preached!
  11. Lord willing, many individuals were inspired to love God

2 Responses

  1. Thank you for honoring Jerry and Becky Harris, they have influenced me and my family for over 30 years !!!

  2. You are welcome, Joyce. What an encouragement to know that we have some of the finest servants right here around us each and every Sunday. A tremendous example for all of us!

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