Becky Harris: Local Church & Community Involvement – part 2

At the Sunday afternoon service of Community Sunday we recognized two godly servants within our church. We emphasized their local church & community involvement. We wanted to include the full write-ups that we were given as a way of highlighting the servant-leadership that is to be a hallmark of every believer.

Becky Harris

Becky has a teaching degree in elementary ed with a minor in special education. She taught public school in Bethlehem and in East Rockhill (the same building that is currently the elementary Liberty building).

In the early 70’s her Sunday School department leader asked what grade she would like to teach and she replied “just give me the special ones.” She had noticed 2 boys that were “hyper” and very distracting to the learning of other children. Within a few years there were several more children with special needs and that little class grew into a department of what is now approximately 60 students and workers. Becky has always felt the hearts of church family members with special children – over the years the Rainbow ministry has provided care for them beyond Sunday morning so that parents could attend Sunday night or Wednesday night as a couple or a family.   She has spent hours in their homes so parents could get needed respite from the demands of the child’s needs.

Becky has endeavored to minister to anyone who comes to her department with a need. When deaf children began arriving on buses, Becky contacted someone to teach her sign language.  She and two workers drove forty-five minutes one way, one day a week to be able to give the gospel to the deaf. This class grew into the current deaf department at Bethel Baptist.  Some of the adult faces seen today were the little children they worked so hard to teach one word at a time.

Becky is also a caring deaconess. She is diligent about encouraging those on her caring list. Sending cards, prepares meals, organizes funeral luncheons and is active in planning Ambassador events.

In addition to the chores and responsibilities of every wife, she is Jerry’s helpmeet in the joys of running a working farm. Many times she has called to say she would be late because the cows got out of the fence or  a calf was being born. She is sometimes called on to drive the tractor. She feeds every worker, often in harvest times not really knowing how many people she will be serving. Their beautiful farm has been featured in  Country Living Magazine. Jerry & Becky use it as a tool to minister: youth activities, hay rides, harvest socials, bon fires, baby showers, wedding receptions and picnics by the creek.

Becky enjoys her role as mother and grandma. Her three sons and grandsons are blessed by her devotion to them and her desire to see them walk with the Lord. Each morning Becky goes alone for a walk. This is her prayer time she prays for each of them individually and has an organized plan for praying for others.

For these reasons, we recognize Becky Harris as a lady worthy of modeling for her local church and community involvement.

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