A Preview of the Couples Retreat: Choosing to Love

If you’ve signed up for the Couples Retreat you and your spouse are in for a great weekend. If you’re still thinking whether you should attend here’s a two-minute sermon clip by our speaker.

If you’d like to listen to the entire message click here.

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Philippines Mission Team Testimonies – Ariel & Rachel

Ariel Siever: I am so thankful that God gave me an opportunity to go to the Philippines this summer. One of the greatest things that I learned is that God can bring all nationalities together for one cause, the cause of the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is a powerful gospel when you put the true force of God behind it. We had teams from US, India, Singapore, Ireland, Scotland and Philippines. Even though we had different cultures you could feel the brotherly connection through Jesus because he was our common denominator.

The passion that these people had for God is something Continue reading

Philippines Mission Team Testimonies – Brett & Stacy Keefer

Brett Keefer: “We are nobodies from nowhere with nothing, but we trust God for everything.”  This unofficial motto of the Student Movement for Christ team captures the humble spirit of powerful ministry that is the foundation for God’s blessing upon this venture.  The Christlike servant’s mentality is modeled by all the Filipino team leaders.  We have been eternally changed by the opportunity to preach the Gospel and minister along his choice servants.  The power of the Gospel was evident everywhere it was preached.  The Holy Spirit Continue reading

Philippines Mission Team Testimonies – Don, Mark & Chris

Don Griffith: When I started out the past week, I thought it was going to be easy.  I watched my teacher doing it first and thought it would not be hard at all, but when I started my first class, I realized that I couldn’t do it without God’s power to help me.  The next day during devotions, I came across Proverbs 25:27-28 which talks about glory and how if we are to be looking for any glory, it should be only to God, and that’s what we did.  Only by God’s grace and power were we able to have the opportunity to preach the Gospel to all those people.  It’s amazing to see how God works.  I had one guy in one of my classes that looked like a tough guy Continue reading

Technology’s Growth & the Church

I recently read some statistics that reveals the tidal wave of technology that we as a culture (and church) are facing. For example…

  • The internet reached 50 million people in 5 years. In contrast, it took television 13 years to reach 50 million people and it took radio 38 years to reach 50 million people.
  • More videos were uploaded to YouTube these past two months than if ABC, CBS and NBC had all been airing new content since 1948.
  • 1 in 4 people in the world have access to the internet.

Just some simple thoughts after reflecting on these statistics:

  1. Use technology redemptively. Continue reading

Song Favorites at Bethel

We had an encouraging and enjoyable time last night at our Summer Singspiration Service. We’ve heard many appreciative comments. It’s simply edifying to have a whole service of our favorite songs. For the past few weeks we’ve been taking favorite song requests and so the order of the songs we sang last night was the order of the most popular songs at Bethel. There was a four-way tie for the last four spots, so we sang the number 8 song first and the most favorite last.

Here are the song rankings (by favorite first): Continue reading

Vegetables Are for Eating

“Eat your vegetables!”

Most of us grew up hearing this command repeated multiple times throughout the course of an evening meal. Our parents ingrained in us the reality that vegetables are part of a healthy diet.

If you’ve raised children in the last 10-15 years, however, you may have set your children down in front of a different kind of vegetable. You know, the computer-animated kind. I’m talking about VeggieTales, the lovable, wildly popular video series that recreates Bible stories from the perspective of a crowd of talking vegetables.

I think that last sentence is worth pondering for a moment. A bunch of cartoon vegetables are telling Bible stories. For good or bad, nothing even close to this has ever been available to Christian parents until very recently. Centuries of Christian parenting are giving way to something unique, and that ought to give us pause.

Obviously, the Bible doesn’t address computer animated Christian Education directly, and I’m won’t pretend to have the whole issue figured out. My goal is simply to give you a few things to think about as you try to disciple your children: Continue reading