Philippines Mission Team Testimonies – Ariel & Rachel

Ariel Siever: I am so thankful that God gave me an opportunity to go to the Philippines this summer. One of the greatest things that I learned is that God can bring all nationalities together for one cause, the cause of the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is a powerful gospel when you put the true force of God behind it. We had teams from US, India, Singapore, Ireland, Scotland and Philippines. Even though we had different cultures you could feel the brotherly connection through Jesus because he was our common denominator.

The passion that these people had for God is something that was indescribable. If you ever have a chance to go on a trip like that, do it! It will change your life!”

Rachel Martinez: The Lord taught me a lot during this missions trip. The biggest thing he taught me was that He is powerful. When I first heard that we would be preaching to a ton of kids each, I think my heart skipped a beat! I was having feelings like what am I doing here what am I thinking I can’t talk to a ton of high school aged kids. The Lord really just took away my fear right there. He told me many times that I can do this and that he will give me the strength. It’s amazing to see God work little miracles in us. I remember when I was sitting in the hotel and feelings of worry and fear were present. The Lord gave me the verse Phil. 4:13, I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. The Lord showed me his power by giving me verses of encouragement and just took away my worry and fear. It is only by God that a roomful of students can say yes to the gospel. It is only by God that I can talk to a roomful of 80 students without being afraid and that 79 of those students say yes. It is only by God that each of us saw many kids accept Him. At times we tend to put God in a little box resulting in us limiting his power. This missions trip taught me that God has limitless power and that I am to live with that in mind every day. I want God to show his power through me. I don’t want to limit him anymore!

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