Couples Retreat Video

We had a great time at our couples retreat this past weekend. Comment on this post if you’d like me to send your picture to you.

12 Responses

  1. Jake,

    We’d love to have the picture of us!

    Thanks so much,


  2. Great lil video Jake, can’t wait til next year. we would love our picture. Fond memories of a great weekend.

    Jack D.

  3. Excellent work Jake…you’ve truly outdone yourself!

  4. Excellent work Jake! We’d love to have our picture. Thanks so much!

  5. Great video – even better memories – thanks for the good job you did

  6. Great Job Jake!! We would love our picture!

  7. Awesome video, man. It’s a great reminder of what God did in our hearts!

  8. Thanks again Jake, for putting this together! The retreat was great and went by too fast as always. The Lord truly met with us and as Pastor stated this is truly a highlight of our year as a church for all who are able to attend!! Please send us our picture as well. Larry and Wendy

  9. Hey that shadow scene at the very end is way cool and creative! Great video!

  10. Hey Jake,

    Great job! Love the end with you and Mandy ❤ We'd love a pic!

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