Adult Bible Fellowship & Discipleship

In a recent message Pastor Campbell mentioned four considerations on discipleship. These are thought-provoking and sobering statements about how we intend to disciple via our Adult Bible Fellowships.One other thought, just because we have decided that Adult Bible Fellowship is the tool that does not mean it automatically happens. ABF is the tool, but discipleship happens as people are engaged in other’s lives.

  1. Understand the Devil hunts for someone unattached.
    The Devil goes after the one that is Continue reading

Disappointment is His Appointment

“Disappointment is His appointment.”

Have you ever experienced a major disappointment in life? I’m talking about one where you believed it to be life-altering. Loss of job, major health concern, loss of a loved one, a wayward child, financial crisis.

Think about some of the biblical stories you may know and you’ll find this to be true. Our disappointment is God’s appointment. Consider the following:

  1. Moses & the Nation of Israel. (Exodus 2) Continue reading


Today, we’re pleased to announce the launch of our pastor’s brand new blog,

For a while now, Pastor Campbell has had a burden to start his own blog. Not that he’s down on Bethel Life. But From Pastor’s Heart will have a more personal angle and give him the opportunity to extend his ministry even more into the life of our church as well as other ministries. Take a few minutes to check it out. You can subscribe by clicking the small envelope in the right-hand side of the navigation bar (see below).

Serving Single-Parent Families

Bethel Baptist desires to see families grow spiritually, but I want to speak specifically on how we as a church can help those families within our assembly that are single-parent families. My graphic refers to single moms, but we have single dads as well. How can a local church serve and meet the needs of single-parent families?

  1. Place the focus on the family. The word single describes the marital status, but being a parent is what gives the identity. A single parent is a mom or dad seeking to raise his/her child(ren) to love God just like any other family. A church desiring to serve single-parent families focuses on a family needing help similar to other families. As a church we have a unique opportunity to serve single-parent families by encouraging their children through attending sporting events, giving an encouraging word, or providing a ride to church or youth activities for their child(ren) to relieve the scheduling pressures. Continue reading

Open House Sunday 2010

In less than a week we will be hosting our Open House Sunday. What is Open House Sunday?

  • Sunday, October 24
  • a church-wide big day where children, teens and adults invite friends, relatives, work associates and neighbors to church
  • an opportunity for Bethel Baptist to “roll-out-the-red-carpet” for our guests
  • fellowship & gospel teaching in the Adult Bible Fellowship
  • a gospel message will be preached in the morning service
  • encouraging & refreshing music in the morning service

The goal for you and me is to be faithful this week inviting those to church whom God places in our life. Take a step of faith this week and see what God will do!

5 Large Church Myths

“Oh, you attend a large church you probably don’t have the same problems that we do in our church.” Whether I’m speaking to a fellow pastor or a Christian looking for a church I come across certain ideas or myths that people tend to have about “large” churches. First, the term large church is a relative term. Second, human needs come in every size of church. Those needs tend to be amplified in a larger churches just because there are more people, which means more needs. Third, large churches can have a difficult time communicating the real issue because of the perception that there are enough people to take care of the needs. Here are five myths of the large church:

  1. There are plenty of people who attend, they won’t miss me. Continue reading

Two Ways to Waste Your Life – Religious Rebels

 “This man receiveth sinners!”   Jesus answers the Pharisees heart murmurings with a series of stories concluding with the story of two prodigal sons, two wasted lives

This story unfolds as an incredible drama with unthinkable twists and an unforgettable ending!  Continue reading