5 Large Church Myths

“Oh, you attend a large church you probably don’t have the same problems that we do in our church.” Whether I’m speaking to a fellow pastor or a Christian looking for a church I come across certain ideas or myths that people tend to have about “large” churches. First, the term large church is a relative term. Second, human needs come in every size of church. Those needs tend to be amplified in a larger churches just because there are more people, which means more needs. Third, large churches can have a difficult time communicating the real issue because of the perception that there are enough people to take care of the needs. Here are five myths of the large church:

  1. There are plenty of people who attend, they won’t miss me. This is probably the myth I hear most often and the one I disagree with the most strenuously. Is it possible that an individual can get lost in a larger church? Yes. But typically the reason larger churches have grown is because of a great desire to meet people’s needs where they are. No matter what the size of the church, if you are born-again the local church needs you and you need the local church. When you’re not in attendance there are people who notice and people who are concerned. They may not know how to best communicate their concern for you, for fear of not wanting to “harp” on you, but they do notice when you’re not in attendance.  Simply put, God can use your presence to encourage someone to move forward in their walk with Christ.
  2. There are plenty of people to serve, someone else will volunteer. This myth has been often repeated  inside the minds of many people. When this thought process begins to take shape in people’s minds they lose the intended blessings that God designed within the framework of the Christian life.
  3. There are plenty of pastors to get the job done. The New Testament tells the church to get the “job done.” This isn’t just a myth for church members, but for pastors too. We, pastors, tend to think that we should do everything. The Apostle Paul reminds pastors and believers in Ephesians 4 that the pastor was given to the local church to equip church members to do the work of the ministry. Let Ephesians 4 encourage you that God’s work will not be forwarded until you decide to join the team effort in some way.
  4. There are plenty of people with greater talents, my talents are too small. This myth could be repeated over and over by music pastors who have asked people to serve with their musical gifts or assistant pastors requesting a church member to seriously consider a children’s ministry position. Believe it or not, it is extremely challenging to see some ministries move forward because of a lack of a workforce.
  5. There are plenty of people to give, someone else will give. This too isn’t just damaging to the local church, but is also personally damaging to the one holding back. I’m so thankful that a church moves forward not by one large financial donor, but by multiple families joining together for a cause greater than the one family. Don’t allow yourself to fall into that thinking. Rather, begin by participating  within local church, with your financial support.

This list could be added too with many other items. Did I miss a major myth that you would have added?

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