Serving Single-Parent Families

Bethel Baptist desires to see families grow spiritually, but I want to speak specifically on how we as a church can help those families within our assembly that are single-parent families. My graphic refers to single moms, but we have single dads as well. How can a local church serve and meet the needs of single-parent families?

  1. Place the focus on the family. The word single describes the marital status, but being a parent is what gives the identity. A single parent is a mom or dad seeking to raise his/her child(ren) to love God just like any other family. A church desiring to serve single-parent families focuses on a family needing help similar to other families. As a church we have a unique opportunity to serve single-parent families by encouraging their children through attending sporting events, giving an encouraging word, or providing a ride to church or youth activities for their child(ren) to relieve the scheduling pressures.
  2. Be sensitive to the family situation. Each family is different and has its unique set of circumstances. Death, divorce, and separation cause intense pain. Friday and Sunday evenings can be emotionally exhausting if there are custody obligations to maintain with another parent. Fostering an atmosphere of grace where acceptance and kindness is not just necessary for healing, but is our Christian responsibility and privilege in serving people.

No doubt, many other considerations could be written down. As a church family we desire to be a help to all families. James 5:16 teaches us that our Lord has a special place for the “fatherless” children and “motherless” children. God uses the local church in every community to be a help and aid to these children too.

Do you have insights to share about serving single-parent families? If so, add your thoughts to the comment section.

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