Adult Bible Fellowship & Discipleship

In a recent message Pastor Campbell mentioned four considerations on discipleship. These are thought-provoking and sobering statements about how we intend to disciple via our Adult Bible Fellowships.One other thought, just because we have decided that Adult Bible Fellowship is the tool that does not mean it automatically happens. ABF is the tool, but discipleship happens as people are engaged in other’s lives.

  1. Understand the Devil hunts for someone unattached.
    The Devil goes after the one that is weaker or least paying attention. The person that is becoming more and more detached from his local church. What’s true in the animal kingdom is true in the spiritual realm. The hunter goes after the weakest, smallest and most indefensible as possible. Be careful to stay attached to God, the Bible and your church. Beware of someone or something that would seek to hurt or weaken those three attachments.
  2. There must be intentional contact for any life transformation of life to occur.
    Life transformation is not automatic or easy. Life transformation is intentional and hard work. While it certainly is an personal choice, rarely does one see another person who is making strides spiritually without a close relationship by another believer. Ask yourself these questions: Whose life, if any, is affecting me for greater life transformation? And, whom am I influencing for greater life transformation toward Christlikeness?
  3. Unconditional acceptance and “realness” must permeate the relationship.
    I begin to change as I am willing to become vulnerable. Vulnerability means transparency. Transparency means there is no mask. No mask means I can finally deal with the real problems and character issues I have. Grace is the soil in which unconditional acceptance grows. In order for us to become a church of genuine disciple-making we must allow grace to permeate our relationships.
  4. Someone needs to be on higher ground.
    Discipleship isn’t simply two guys who love Jesus getting together for coffee. There is an understanding that one has a more mature relationship and demonstrates leadership in spiritual matters.

Adult Bible Fellowships are just the beginning. Discipleship happens as you live life with a fellow believer in Christ. Could you state that you are discipling a fellow believer?

2 Responses

  1. Great article Joel! The ABF classes have made a huge impact in the current and future growth of our church!!!

  2. Thanks Larry for your kind words and accurate assessment. I totally agree. It’s amazing when we follow God’s plan for discipleship – it works!

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