A Free Bible for Your Phone (or computer)

One of the great things about using technology redemptively is the spiritual growth that is possible. Cell phones used to be for making phone calls, but now there is an ever-increasing versatility with smartphones. One incredibly helpful addition to my cell phone was downloading YouVersion. Now Bethel Baptist has its own page for you to download the Bible free to your phone www.bethelbc.org/bible. You can even download it free for you computer. Here’s why I recommend YouVersion:

Accessible & Portable. I never forget my Bible now that it is with me, because my cell phone is always with me.  Some people may not prefer, but I even use it regularly for our family devotional times. If there is cell coverage you’ve got a Bible with you and I love having the Bible with me at all times.

Helpful Features.

  • more than 20 Bible reading plans
  • ability to update your Facebook or Twitter status with a Bible verse
  • available for Blackberry, Android, iPhone, iPad and any device that has internet browsing capabilities
  • a section to add notes and thoughts on what you read

Devotional. Do you ever find yourself with spare time? How about at the mall while waiting on your wife? Or waiting for the oil to be changed? Or in line at Wal-Mart? Instead of checking out the latest news or sports update, take a few moments and read God’s Word.

Easy to Use. I’ve had YouVersion on my phone now for well over a year and the latest updates have made it more user-friendly and easy to navigate. You will find it yourself returning regularly to it throughout the day.

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