Using Facebook for Ministry

An online virtual explosion has taken place since 2004. It’s called Facebook. It started for college students and then quickly included working professionals. It seems as if everybody has a Facebook account, including businesses, non-profits and even churches. Some criticize the waste of time that Facebook occupies, some enjoy connecting with old acquaintances, teens (and adults) share more details than some would care to know. Many believers are coming to a growing conviction to use it to the “glory of God” (1 Cor 10.31) and are using it in a redemptive, Christ-honoring way.

So, what does a ministry of Facebook look like?

  1. Seeks to develop greater friendships with acquaintances.
    Instead of just connecting with old high school or college friends, “friend” a neighbor, co-worker or an acquaintance that you are seeking to encourage in their walk with God and even seeking to win to Christ. Why connect with an unbeliever on Facebook? You’ll begin to learn insights into their life. You’ll see their “highs” and their “lows”. You’ll know when to encourage them. You’ll have a point of reference for conversation. You’ll have extended contact with them beyond the normal times that you see them.
  2. Attempts to encourage fellow church members.
    I have been the recipient of many kind Facebook emails or wall posts. Just like a hand-written note, God sends those comments at just the right time to encourage my heart. Many times these comments are written for all to see which means that God can use those encouraging words in the hearts of my church family. I would encourage you to use Facebook to encourage your church family. If someone states a blessing or comments on a particular point of Pastor’s message chime in with your comment or give it a “thumbs up.” Why? We’re to “provoke each other to love and good works” (Heb 10.24). “Rejoice with those who rejoice” (Rom 12.15).
  3. Allows the Bible to govern what is stated (typed or “liked”).
    Teenagers, Christian adults and unbelievers are looking to see if Christians allow the Bible to govern their everyday lives. Allow the Bible to govern what you say, type or “like.”
  4. Models genuine Christianity to their virtual, online world.
    It’s essential that we allow those who are our friends to see us model that the Bible even extends to our online world. In most cases, the online world is the real us. Our fan pages, groups and entertainment that we’ve “liked” should be run through the grid of Scripture.

I’m sure there are other means, but what other ways have you used Facebook as a ministry?

5 Responses

  1. Joel, I agree with your comments. The use of Facebook as part of my ministry, especially to teens, has been eye opening. There are things you learn on facebook that they would never tell us to our face.

    Now, do I really want to learn to twitter?

  2. Thanks, Terri. It took me a while to adapt to the Facebook culture by connecting with people in this medium. I’m with you, once I did, it greatly expanded my ministry to teenagers and others that I wouldn’t normally have ministry to. Technology can be used for good or bad.

  3. We recently used FB as a means of a prayer chain for my 6 month old nephew Max who was recently diagnosed with cancer. It has been a VERY positive & amazing experience to be a part of with the amount of encouraging comments as well as the amount of people who have come to know us through this medical need. It has been great to keep people updated with the latest news within minutes! We have met Christians from all over the world who are praying and so many times I will just go to his page and read the comments to remind myself of God’s goodness!

  4. That is a great illustration of using FB! By the way, we continue to pray for him.

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