What is a Divine Appointment?

I start each Monday morning planning out my week. I schedule lunches, meetings, planning times to do more planning and appointments. I have planned appointments, but I hunger for divine appointments.  A divine appointment is a meaningful interaction through Gospel conversation with an unbeliever. Pastor has encouraged us to incorporate into our vocabulary at Bethel the term divine appointment. I want to answer the question what is a divine appointment?

Prayerful Expectation. A divine appointment carries with it a spirit as much as it does a time, place and person for conversation. A prayerful expectation carries with it a spirit of prayer asking God to place in your path a person to whom to witness to. The believer who prays in faith is a believer who walks about expecting to see God answer his prayer. Ask God for wisdom to know what to say when the situation presents itself. I have found that when I move my prayer from “God, that individual needs to be saved” to “God, give me an opportunity to present the Gospel” it makes me more aware of my surroundings and sensitive to the Holy Spirit.

Purposeful Anticipation. If you desire to have divine appointments you can expect God to answer prayer. Hebrews 11.1 defines faith as confidence knowing God’s heart. Knowing that God’s desire is to see people accept His Son, Jesus Christ, is an incredible encouragement and faith-builder as I anticipate God answering the prayers and desires of my heart.

Practical Conversation. When God delivers your answer to prayer be ready to speak a word for God. After you’ve carried with you a spirit of prayer anticipating God’s direct answer you and I need to be ready for practical conversation. Ask a thought-provoking question or be ready to give a Bible verse that may answer their question.

I find that simply being sensitive of people’s spiritual condition around me is half the problem. Once the awareness is there it is my job to following the leading of the Holy Spirit.

How do you keep yourself alert to divine appointments that God places in your path?

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