Making Christmas Count

Here comes Christmas! The Hallmark Channel has a daily reminder letting us know each time we turn it own how many days it is ’til Christmas. I can almost feel the panic of all that needs to get done before December 25 arrives. Here are just a few ideas that I try to do to make Christmas count for me and my family:

  • Try to spend time with God daily
    This time of the year is plain busy. It seems like every group I’m a part of has a Christmas party and I enjoy them, but it adds to the schedule. Going shopping and decorating the house all take time too. If I can spend some time each day with God reading my Bible and praying it helps in directing my thoughts off the busyness and back on to a personal relationship with God.
  • Try to build family memories
    This is something my wife is way better at than me and she is constantly doing things with the kids – making Christmas cookies and other Christmas fun memory builders. Every Sunday night in December after the evening service we go home a different way driving through neighborhoods looking at Christmas lights. We’ll have Christmas music playing and sometimes we’ll bring Christmas cookies. It doesn’t take a ton of time, but the kids look forward to it.
  • Try to align the season with the Scriptures
    We often say it, “the Christmas season is becoming too commercialized” or “Jesus is the reason for the season.” Try to take those statements and implement in your home how to keep Christmas aligned with the Scriptures. Don’t overspend (Christmas is no fun when you are still paying for it the following June). Do have fun together. Remember it’s about the birth of our Savior.
  • Try to invite a family to church with you
    Could there be a better way to make Christmas count? Imagine that six months from now a family is getting baptized and they say, “The first time I came to Bethel was when ____________ invited us for a Christmas service.” Awesome thought! Isn’t it?
  • Try to create an atmosphere of giving (not getting)
    This is certainly challenging to do, but it’s possible to do. I’ve heard of families putting money aside from their Christmas gifts, wrapping the money up in a box, and giving the money to a needy family, missionary, or special church project. Maybe give each one of your kids some money and shop at the Dollar Store or the $5 & Below store and let them buy gifts for each other? Have them put a gift in the Toys for Tots bin? There are many ways to create an atmosphere of giving – just be creative.

This is a great post for you to add your thoughts on. So, go ahead and add what your family has done or will do this Christmas to make Christmas count!

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