Par is Not Perfection: Born to LIVE as well as Die

At the Christmas season we often hear the phrase “Born to Die.”  While this is certainly an accurate statement there are other glorious gospel truths that complete the story.  Christ was also born to live for us. Let’s consider three gospel thoughts  (original by Dave Harvey):  par is not perfection, perfection for us, and the divine swap.

Par is Not Perfection

“Today I shot a perfect round of golf!  Even par!”  Isn’t it interesting how we easily that word, “perfect” can change in meaning.  A “perfect round” would be nothing short of a whole in one on every green and a score card that reads 18.

The Bible reminds us that mankind has always struggled with properly defining this word, “perfect.”  Romans tells us that man twists the truth of God into a lie and worships the creature rather than the Creator (Rom. 1:25).

How do we get to the point of missing the awesome perfection of our Creator-God and stoop to worshiping ourselves in spite of all of our finiteness, weakness and short-coming?  We change the standard.  We create our own score card with an achievable “par” lowering our view of God and elevating our view of man (Rom. 1:21-23).  What is perfection in your world?

Perfection for Us

The Scriptures remind us that true perfection is a standard that man can never obtain in his own effort.  Therefore, we not only need payment for the punishment of our sins (death), we also need perfection (a sinless life) in order to enter the presence of God after we’ve sinned. Herein lies yet another beautiful piece of the gospel.  Christ provided perfection for us by living a sinless life.

A Divine Swap

Luther called it the “wonderful exchange.”  At the cross, in a divine swap, God substituted his Son for us.  Jesus the perfect, spotless sacrifice, laid down his perfect life in our place and bore the wrath of God that we deserved.  Yes the gospel and the Christmas season is about the atoning death of Christ for our sins.  But it is more than that.  As we celebrate the One who came to die for us let us also bask in the glory that He also lived for us.

Think about it!  If even one of His choices would have been sinful, our cause would have been forever lost. As the seconds tick away this holiday season let each one remind you that Jesus did not just make a one-time choice to come and die for you, He made that choice repeatedly with every individual passing second of His sinless life.  And in so doing, delivered the perfection necessary to fully rescue you from eternal separation from God.

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  1. Great perspective! At Christmas, we think of His birth. At Easter – His death. But there was a life that was lived to fulfill the law for us. What a blessed truth!

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