5 Ways to Make Your Adult Bible Fellowship Fail

Make sure your ABF become inward-focused and never grows. Don’t invite guests from the Sunday morning service to your ABF. Focus only on meeting the current attenders needs. Certainly, don’t expand your Facebook circle of friends to people you’ve recently met at church. Pack your personal schedule so full there’s no time to invest in casual relationships.

Don’t allow guests to feel a part of the ABF. Become exclusive. Tell inside jokes or swap stories that will make them smile uneasily. This will help communicate that only if “we deem you a part of our ABF will we let you know the inside information.” Allow guests to sit by themselves, giving the obligatory head nod as you walk by them.

Be artificial and communicate like you have the Christian life mastered. Never let the real you show. If you struggle with something, hide it. Only “sinless” Christians fit into our fellowship. It’s not about being judgmental, it’s simply communicating that some things just are not tolerable in a believer’s life.

Don’t give, only attend to get. Whatever you do, do not come early or bring food for fellowship. If the lesson taught isn’t to your satisfaction, just give a spiritual reason why you’re not attending, like, “it’s just not deep enough.” It’s not about others anyway. It’s about me.

Fellowship? What’s fellowship? Never, ever attend class parties or get-togethers. Don’t invite other fellowship members over to your house. Keep your church life and private life separate. Don’t let the two mix.

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