Family Resources on the Internet

There are many advantages to living in the Information Age. One of them is the ability to access information regarding a wide assortment of topics that are a help to the Christian and Christian family. Here are some links that will be a help to you and your family:


Kids 4 Truth is an interactive, Christian website for kids. From coloring pages to Bible stories, my kids enjoy the animated videos, called dynamations. These short videos effectively communicate essential Christian truths for children in relevant, entertaining yet biblical manner.


Wonder Zone is another interactive website that your kids will enjoy. Animated Bible stories, games, daily devotions and many other activities your kids will enjoy.


Answers in Genesis for Kids If you’re children have questions about evolution vs. creationism. Check out Answers in Genesis for Kids. They have a unique and interesting way to teach biblical truth in a way that children enjoy.

If your kids have never been exposed to Patch the Pirate stories they’re missing out. They will love these character teaching stories led by Patch & Sissy Seagull. If you want your kids to take a break from the TV or Wii then I’d encourage to let them listen to some of these stories. Who knows you might enjoy them yourself?

Pre-Teens/Teens & Family

Plugged In Online provides reviews of movies, music and books with a Christian perspective. Very helpful information.

Center for Parent/Youth Understanding Billed as a site for teens and their parents. This site keeps up to date with the latest of pop culture. It is a helpful resource for parents (and grandparents) to know the pressures that their teenager may be facing on a day-in, day-out basis.

Internet Safety is worth a post by itself, but for now. Here are two internet filtering programs that will be a help as you and your children are on the internet:

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