Using Your Natural Gifts for Spiritual Ministry

Do you find it difficult to find your niche in ministry at church? Sometimes if we don’t sing in the choir, serve in the nursery, usher or teach Sunday School we think we don’t the ability to minister within the local church. But I’d like to give a few suggestions of using your natural gifts or strengths to advance God’s kingdom:

  1. Determine where your strengths lie?
    Ask yourself these questions: Are you a people person? Do you like working with numbers? Are you comfortable talking so long as you’re doing something? Do you see needs before they’re communicated? Do you enjoy working by yourself? Do you tend to be task oriented? Do you plan every step out before you work toward a goal? Sometimes answering questions like these can help navigate what your strengths are?
  2. Don’t wait for a “title” or “schedule” to serve. At times, people feel as if they must have a role to serve. Servants serve.
  3. See a need, take the lead. This is very similar to #2 but when you see that there is a need don’t wait to be asked. Go ahead and take the lead.

You don’t need to have an official title. Some of the greatest ministries that we can undertake are the ones that have no defined title or job description, but we’re simply being sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading to encourage and serve others.

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