On the Church Nursery

Sometimes we minimize the importance of the church nursery. After all, babies and toddlers aren’t quite ready to learn anything about God–it’s in the main auditorium where real church is taking place, right?

A comment by Lynn Barth, our church’s Nursery Coordinator, on this post caused the following paragraph to jump out at me this morning:

Infants and toddlers are learning all the time–even when they don’t seem to be doing much of anything besides eating, crying and sleeping! Babies learn as a natural part of living, so teaching is accomplished by your every look, word and act. The sounds, words, actions and–most of all–the feelings that are created in the nursery environment build a young child’s understanding of God and Jesus and the loving comfort found in the people around her at church. This foundation of love, safety and trust is the beginning of spiritual formation.

Ivy Beckwith, The Ultimate Survival Guide for Children’s Ministry Workers, 65.

You may think Dr. Beckwith is overstating the case, but one thing is for sure: You can’t overestimate the effects of a loving church nursery on the babies themselves. So take a second to thank the person who is caring for your child in the nursery!

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