Extreme Makeover “Ain’t Got Nothin” on the Local Church

Let me say upfront I’ve been a slow convert to the TV show Extreme Makeover Home Edition. For a couple of reasons:

  • it’s always on when Sunday Night Football is on and,
  • the stories are so emotional and the thought of crying on a weekly basis just hasn’t been appealing to me.

But I must admit I’ve been won over by my wife’s affinity for the show. It struck me as I was watching the latest episode that as great as the show is, stuff like this is happening on a weekly and monthly basis in local churches each and every week. The show is heart-wrenching, inspiring and tear-jerking all in the same breath.  Here’s what I love about Extreme Makeover:

  • people with needs serving others to make a difference
  • a community coming together to serve
  • people giving their time & talents
  • really cool home decor
  • fun-loving personalities

Now grant it, most churches are not building or completely remodeling homes on a weekly basis, but local church families are giving of themselves in incredible ways week-in and week-out. Here are 7 ways that Extreme Makeover “Ain’t Got Nothin” on the Local Church:

  1. a local church comes together for a lifetime not simply a week or two to meet needs
  2. a local church feels the hurt and pain of a family going through a trial
  3. a local church gives of their poverty for others prosperity (see 2 Cor 8.1-3)
  4. a local church is led by the Holy Spirit’s promptings to meet needs
  5. a local church is motivated by a deep, sacrificial love motivated by Christ offering His own life
  6. a local church is a living picture of being a disciple of Jesus – “by this shall all men know that ye are my disciples if ye have love one for another”
  7. a local church acts as a family would in time of need

What I would say that Extreme Makeover has on the local church is they tell their story in an incredible, awesome ways. It makes me think that we need to be creative and forthright in communicating how God used the church family to meet the needs of a family going through a trial.

I challenge you this week to tell your story to someone needing encouragement of how God met your needs through your local church. ILMC!

4 Responses

  1. Thanks for the challenge! Enjoyed reading your post today.

  2. Thanks, Maria. Tara and I have been on the receiving end of your kindness to us.

  3. Great post! I have only watched the show a few times when at my parents house (they are addicted and record it!). Of course, I have cried every time. But I love the correlation you made to the local church. We may not build physically so much, but definitely spiritually.

    This post challenges me to feel the needs of the church more than I usually do. The only real difference is when I hear of someone’s hurt, there isn’t really dramatic music playing in the background. Wouldn’t that be cool, though?

  4. Thanks, Matt.

    One thing that Extreme Makeover is great at is telling the story. Somehow we (local churches) need to do a better job at highlighting the positives (i.e. telling the stories) that are happening within the ministry. It can be challenging but with some thinking and planning I think we could do a better job at inspiring our church families to keep going.

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