He is Good

We sang this last night. This simple truth set to a simple tune will be an encouragement.

HT: The two singing/playing are Kevin Inafuku of Harvest Baptist and Jonathan Albright of Brookside Baptist.

Adult Bible Fellowship: Is Fellowship the Goal?

We need more Bible study. We need more in depth focus. We need the meat of the Word. So goes the pleas  for Bible study. I would argue that I do not need more knowledge or greater understanding of deep truths, but rather greater obedience to the truths I know already. It is not an either/or proposition, but a both/and possibility.

Is fellowship a goal? Yes. Is fellowship the end result? Emphatically no. Producing committed disciples of Jesus Christ is our intended result. The intent of our Adult Bible Fellowships is not Continue reading

Prayer & Fasting: Afghan Believer Jailed for Following Christ

Last night Pastor challenged us to pray and fast one day a month for the evangelism of the world. I came across a story on Friday of last week that has seen some attention on Christian sites on the internet, but has not received attention in the main stream media.

On May 31, 2010, 25 Afghanistan believers were arrested after a video was aired showing them at a worship service. One Afghan believer, Said Musa, has received the most attention because a letter he wrote to President Obama was smuggled out of Afghanistan. According to various sources Musa converted to Christianity eight years ago. He is the father of six children the oldest being eight years old. Said lost his leg on a landmine as fighting for the Afghan army.

Click the links below to read more about this situation and pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ around the world. Continue reading

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New Testament in Their Own Language

The Kimyal People of Papua, Indonesia, celebrate the arrival of the New Testament in their own language.

ABF: Creating a Welcoming Environment

There’s nothing like welcoming a guest to your house only to have some food burn right before they enter your home. You can have temperature set, warm food, mood music, relaxing conversation, but if there is an unpleasant odor from rotten vegetables in the pantry that odor disturbs the entire environment.

And so an environment can either help an ABF move forward spiritually and relationally or it can deter a person from growing spiritually and deepening an acquaintance to a friendship. Here are seven thoughts to creating a welcoming ABF environment: Continue reading

Why I Love the Church

Some believers do not like church. I can understand negative experiences. I understand that local churches many times are not all they should be. I can’t understand having a complete either disdain for the church or an opinion that the local church is irrelevant. Jesus, the founder of the church stated, “I will build my church…” (Matthew 16.18), which underscores whose church it is―Jesus’.

I recently read this quote: “You can’t love Jesus and hate his wife. (Stetzer)” Ephesians 5 teaches us that the church is the bride of Christ. Wow! What a thought! I’m a part of something that the God of the universe gave His only Son to die for. Here’s why I love the church:

  1. Jesus started it and gave His life for it (Matthew 16.18). Continue reading