Thoughts on Super Bowl Sunday

In just a few hours our country will come to a stand still to be entertained by some of the best commercials to be aired in 2011 and to watch two of the best football teams in the NFL. I too plan on watching the game this evening but as a Christian here are a few thoughts that I need to keep in mind. None of these are meant to be a guilt trip but rather to help us keep life in perspective:

  • a 3.5 hour event in the grand scheme of life is insignificant and meaningless
  • there are still real world problems that others are facing (e.g. turmoil in Egypt, persecution of our Christian brothers and sisters around the globe, utter despair in Haiti)
  • commercials are not neutral and the funniest ones are still trying to sell me something, therefore be spiritually alert for ideas, images or things that war against the soul
  • the hundreds of millions that are watching the game with you via TV, internet & satellite are real souls spending an eternity somewhere
  • Sunday night church is still scheduled – be there 🙂
  • Monday is coming and I still need to develop a relationship with Christ

Live 1 Cor 10:31-like. Watch the game. Enjoy the game. Fellowship with others around the game. But remember it’s just a game and when it ends I still must…

  • walk humbly with my God
  • love my Lord and His Word
  • live a godly life before my family and co-workers

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