Healing a Hurting Home

Families and the homes represented by the people we work with, live next door to, talk to at little league games are often one thing on the outside but completely different on the inside of the four walls of their home. Mistrust, verbal warfare, co-existence, unkindness could be the description of many a home. Unfortunately it’s not just children who walk around with the relational shrapnel, but husbands and wives do too as well.

Is it possible for homes that are experiencing the pain of relational problems really to be restored. How do we help a hurting home? While 1 Peter 3 is primarily written to a believing wife about her unbelieving spouse there are tremendous truths to help us no matter whom we are in relation to and with Christ. Here are three biblical principles that if followed will help you get back on the road to health:

  1. Living Humbly (1 Pet 3.1)
    There is something that is disarming about true humility. It silently speaks, saying “no matter what is happening” I will be a servant. While a spouse may allow time to pass to see if it’s genuine or authentic, in the end humility wins the day because it is Christian love in action. True humility doesn’t wait for your spouse to take the next step to see how you will respond. Humility says I’m going to do right because it is the right thing to do. I want to obey God and His Word. Two simple words make all the difference in cultivating a home that has healthy tendencies: “I’m sorry.”
  2. Living Helpfully (1 Pet 3.2)
    If there is a genuine desire in your home to restore a healthy spirit there must be a demeanor of living helpfully. A helpful wife will be a godly wife. You’ve heard it said, and it’s true, to be a good wife be a godly Christian. A helpful husband will be a serving husband. The Bible’s call for the husband to the leader of the home is not a call to some type of male chauvinism to say and do as he pleases, but it is a call to servant-leadership (Phil 2.1-5). True leaders are first and foremost servants.
  3. Living Honorably (1 Pet 3.3-4)
    It’s amazing to me that all three of these healing principles are first and foremost a spirit that translates into an action, but they begin with an attitude of the heart. The foundation of any relationship is a growing and maturing trust, which can only be founded upon an integrity of heart or honor.

What other Bible principles would you add to giving help and health to a hurting home?

These three points are taken from the series A Firm Foundation by Dr. Paul Chappell and the lesson titled “Healing a Hurting Home.” The curriculum can be purchased at www.strivingtogether.com

2 Responses

  1. How true these principles. When we have faith in the Lord all things are possible. But we must learn to forgive and let God do his work for us. Give Him all of our burdens even when they are truly getting to us. So many times have I been in different situations in our relationship and it is hard and you know where to go and you still think you can do it all. Believe me you can’t no matter what happens give it to the Lord. Thank you for these verses and all your input on being a godly wife it does help a lot. God bless you Joel and I am praying for your family all the time. Pat

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