ABF: Creating a Welcoming Environment

There’s nothing like welcoming a guest to your house only to have some food burn right before they enter your home. You can have temperature set, warm food, mood music, relaxing conversation, but if there is an unpleasant odor from rotten vegetables in the pantry that odor disturbs the entire environment.

And so an environment can either help an ABF move forward spiritually and relationally or it can deter a person from growing spiritually and deepening an acquaintance to a friendship. Here are seven thoughts to creating a welcoming ABF environment:

  1. Ask questions of others, rather than telling your stories from the week.
  2. Show up before 9:30am. Guests typically arrive early. There’s nothing like a guest coming to your ABF at 9:27am only to find the room occupied with three people.
  3. Don’t allow any person or couple to sit by themselves.
  4. What changes could you make to the room so it doesn’t feel so “school-like”?
    ~ remove a school bag left over from Friday
    ~ roll the world map back up
    ~ maybe work out a deal using some of the bulletin board space for your ABF
  5. Give an appropriate physical touch – handshake or hug (some people are not “huggers”) making eye contact
  6. Enter the morning with the mindset that you want to encourage two people.
  7. To set the environment for Sunday make a contact with an ABF attendee via phone call, email or text message sometime prior to Sunday.

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