Finally some good news…

I know it’s a few weeks old, but have you heard the story about Wake Forest baseball coach, Tom Walter and player, Kevin Jordan?
When Kevin Jordan was deciding where to play college baseball, the commitment of Wake Forest coach Tom Walter to his players helped sway him toward Winston-Salem. Even before taking his first swing for the Deacons, Jordan has learned how deep that devotion runs. On Monday, surgeons at Emory University Hospital removed one of Walter’s kidneys and transplanted it into Jordan, whose kidneys were functioning at 8 percent of their ability and who had been taking 35 pills daily to treat the diseased organs.
HT: Atlanta-Journal Constitution
In a day when all the news seems to be bad it’s encouraging to receive some good news, isn’t it? Great story. Isn’t it?
What convinced Kevin Jordan to play? It was his coach’s commitment to his players that convinced Jordan to play for Wake Forest.
What commitment(s) in your life draw people to Christ? What does commitment look like? Here are three thoughts about commitments…
  1. Commitment is most visible during times of turmoil. The trials in our lives that are so painful will be the very things that draw people to Christ. Have any commitments fainted in the face of trial?
  2. Commitment is contagious. Growing believers long to be a part of a cause (God’s glory) and to see the cause advanced (the local church). What commitments do you have that are contagious? [Typically this is seen in the sports world, but as believers there should be something eternal about our commitments.]
  3. Commitment is tangible. Whether it’s marriage, child-rearing, job or church, commitments are tangible. They can be seen and discovered by others as they watch our lives.


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