A Steward of Trust

Scandals within one of the largest religions in the world has dominated headlines off and on for the past five years or so. Regularly the new reports other well-known religious personalities who have been ousted from their positions because of questionable ethics or morals. As is often the case the greatest aftershock from a breach of confidence is a lack of trust.

One of the greatest responsibilities we have as believers is the stewardship of trust. That is, when we posture ourselves to speak on behalf of God and His Bible, with some we are…

  1. immediately loaned a measure of trust
  2. with others we are cautiously held at “arms-length”
  3. and others we are out-right resisted.

Sobering, isn’t it? That the message of grace and forgiveness, found in Jesus alone, that has been given to our world is held by those who claim his name. What a sobering and scary idea. I have been given a sacred trust – not to speak more or less that what Jesus taught, not to be overly strict or slightly loose, to accurately represent Jesus’ words and the spirit in which He gave those words. You see, it’s one thing to repeat what Jesus said, it’s another thing to say it in the spirit that Jesus spoke, words of forgiveness, repentance, condemnation, caution, and grace.

One of the greatest trusts we have received as followers of Christ is that I would be a faithful steward of the message He has entrusted to me. How do you grow that trust to greater influence in the lives of others (not simply to have greater influence, but to have greater influence for God’s sake as you speak His words)?

  • Let the Real You Show. I know the real you is sinful and deceitful, but let them see the real you changed (and changing) by the grace of God. Let them (e.g. unbelievers, believers, spouse, children, in-laws, neighbors, etc) see a life radically made over by Jesus and His cross. Grace is beautiful against the backdrop of authenticity. Authenticity does not revel in my carnality or spiritual shortcomings. Authenticity glories in the mercy and kindness of God to me in the person of Jesus.
  • Accurately Reflect the Scripture. When Jesus accurately reflected His Father, he made friends and enemies. His friends ended up being those dominated by habit-forming life sins and the enemies ended up being those with a religious heritage. Are you willing to be uneasy and uncomfortable in accurately reflecting the words of God? If so, you are growing in your steward of trust.
  • Active, Growing Relationship with Jesus. 1 Timothy 4.15 reminds us that as we immerse ourselves in the Scripture our growth is seen by those around us. You can’t substitute a vibrant, growing relationship with Jesus.

I want to grow in my trust stewardship. What other considerations would you add?

3 Responses

  1. I’d have to also add the idea of humility. Humility is the platform by which truth is presented and trust is earned.

  2. The truth about the ‘real you’ is one that I faced in light of having access to high level information that can’t be shared but impacts people jobs. The best way is to be upfront and tell people that in your position you have information that you are not permitted to release and impacts many people. Asking people to respect that information and position was helpful to me.

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