Product Review: TV Guardian

Back in October of last year our family purchased a TV Guardian. I have found it to be such a help to our family that I thought I would do a product review on the blog to be a help to our church families.

What is a TV Guardian?

A TV Guardian is a small, DVD player sized box that you connect to your TV or cable box. Depending on the strictness of the settings you choose, the TV Guardian mutes your TV of foul language using

the hidden closed captions required by law for TV.

  • Main Filter Levels: Strict, Moderate, and Tolerant
  • Three Adjustable Filters:
    • Religious filter: removes the typical offensive uses of God’s name
    • Sexual Filter: removes words that are sexual references
    • Specific Curse Word Filter: option to turn on or off
  • Three Closed Caption Settings: pop-up closed captions, continuous captions, no captions
  • Two TV Guardian boxes: one for standard TV, another for HDTV (the HDTV works on non-HD channels)

How easy is it to set-up?

I consider myself to be a somewhat technically literate. Because of the amount of wires coming in and out of my TV, with our Wii, DVD/VCR player, at first it was somewhat confusing, but I watched some helpful videos that TV Guardian placed on their website and I was able to walk right through the process.

Value vs. Expense?

The TV Guardian is not cheap, but I believe the value outweighs the expense. You can purchase the system outright or you can buy it by paying for it on a month by month charge.

While cursing and other objectionable elements are removed that I still must be vigilant about other things. There is no “philosophy guardian” that removes ungodly philosophies from TV/movies. As Christians we still have a responsibility that the entertainment that we allow/participate in must meet biblical guidelines. It is refreshing to sit in your home and not feel threatened by ungodly language meant to tear down and not build up.

for further information:

Disclaimer: Please understand that I am not advocating watching TV or movies without discernment or discretion. As believers we still need to wrestle through the thought-process of “is this the best use of my time at this moment?” For what it’s worth, I do not receive any compensation or “kick-back” for my review of the TV Guardian. This is a simple review from one Christian brother attempting to be a help to Christian families in our local church.

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