Bible Reading for the Passion Week

This week is known as the Passion Week, the final days and events leading to the crucifixion of the Son of God, Jesus Christ. Something I have not done before that I plan on doing this year is reading the events chronologically as they happened during the last week of Jesus’ life before the cross.

I have found two Bible reading plans that may help you as you begin this week. One is a suggestion for you personally and one may work for your family.

Family Bible-Reading Plan:

  1. Have each family member bring their Bible.
  2. Plan out the references ahead of time.
  3. Use this guide for your week.
    As a fyi, if you take your mouse and hover over the links of the verses in this guide the verses will pop-up. This may also work for you in your personal devotions with your computer.
Personal Bible-Reading Plan: has a very helpful 7 day reading plan called the Easter Plan. You read 2-3 chapters each day.
Have a spiritually enriching time this week as you remember our Lord’s death, burial and resurrection.

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