Interview with Morris Gleiser

As we only have two days left in the remainder of our revival meetings I thought that you might find this interview with Morris Gleiser helpful. This interview was taken from the Maranatha Baptist Bible College website:

Q: Do you enjoy preaching to college students?

A: I am getting to the age where my heart’s desire is to pass the sword to the next generation. I want to give them a passion, a vision for making a difference in the world. To be at Maranatha this week has been one of the greatest thrills of my life. There is certainly an energy inherent with being around college-age kids. But I have to remind myself I can’t run up and down the floor with them anymore.

You do use a lot of analogies from athletics in your preaching. Were you an athlete?

A: Was I an athlete? Well, the older I get, the better I was. I grew up in an athletic home. My dad loved sports. I played every sport that came along. But, being a Texan by birth, I played a lot of football and baseball in particular. Working with teenagers as a youth pastor and camp director, you get involved in a lot of different games. I think it’s a tool to reach young men and young ladies. Knowing what’s going on in the world of athletics helps me communicate with young people.

Q: Were you even injured playing games with the kids?

A: You just never let them know about it. You say, ‘I need to go make a phone call,’ then you go put medicine on your hurt muscle. I went ice skating once, and a kid threw an ice ball at me. I ducked, and I banged my head on a counter. I had myself bleeding quite a bit.

Q: You describe yourself as a staff evangelist on your website. What is a staff evangelist?

A: When I stepped into evangelism, I wanted to also connect with a local church. The pastor at Burge Terrace asked me if I would base my ministry out of his church. That has taken on various attributes. For a while, they provided some insurance for our family. We basically do not receive anything from the church now. The biggest thing is, my church prays for me everywhere I go. They genuinely do care about what the Lord is doing while I am traveling. They are my supporting prayer church.

Q: Do you think evangelism will still be a viable alternative for young men going into vocational ministry in the future?

A: You can prove the office Biblically (Ephesians 4) and you can see it historically. It has existed since the resurrection of Christ. Philip was an evangelist. Paul was an evangelist, an itinerant preacher. Some would argue that the evangelist has passed off the scene. You can’t see that, Biblically or historically. You can see that some men are gifted as evangelists. They are gifted with a revival emphasis.

Q: You have been a youth pastor, a camp director and an evangelist. What was your favorite job?

A: I really have loved all of it, and I wouldn’t change anything I have been privileged to do. I conducted my youth ministry like an evangelist. It was like going to camp all the time. At camp, they came to us and we conducted revival meetings. Really, I’m doing the same thing I have done in all my ministry years. It’s just that now I’m officially called an evangelist.

HT: Maranatha

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