7 Reasons to Use Gospel Meditations for Men

Yesterday each man in our church received a copy of Gospel Meditations for Men, which means we gave out nearly 250 copies of this 31-day devotional. What would happen if nearly 250 men in our church family were to go through this booklet thoughtfully, prayerfully, and daily for the next 31 days? I would argue that our men, our families and thus our church would be more biblical in our understanding of the Gospel, humble in our relationships, and Christ-like in our actions.

Here are 7 reasons why you should use Gospel Meditations over the next month:

  1. Day 1: His Robes for Mine. Let the Gospel provide the righteousness you lack
  2. Day 10: Romance Primer for Husbands. Let the Gospel be the reason you show more romantic love for your wife.
  3. Day 26: The Gospel Precludes Prejudice. Let the Gospel inspire your love for the multi-ethnic body of Christ
  4. Day 6: Battling Lust. Let the Gospel provide pleasures which surpass sensuality.
  5. Day 9: Your One & Only Command. Let the Gospel help you point your children to Christ.
  6. Day 23: The Papa John’s Principle. Let the Gospel shape your character and thereby bless your family.
  7. Day 14: Gentle Leadership. Let the Gospel transform you into a gentle leader.
May God grant a church of men who are Gospel saturated in our theology, thinking, and actions.

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