A Catechism for your Family

When the word, “catechism” is used, many think of Catholicism.  But catechisms have been used in the protestant realm for years as well.  In fact, many are now arguing that one of the factors that has led to the marginalization of Christianity in America is the lack of catechism with our children.

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Family Values

I was convicted by a friend of mine’s recent post on Facebook. A.J. Gibson and his wife, Ruth, serve as pioneer church planters in Mexico. I’m challenged not only with his goal to reach the unreached people of Mexico, but also to reach his children’s hearts in daily life with the Gospel. He writes…

I want my children/family to…

  1. value and pursue Jesus above all else in life,
  2. completely surrender their life to Jesus’ lordship,
  3. live for others and not themselves,
  4. live in a culture of grace and gospel where love, repentance, and forgiveness are a way of life,
  5. daily, relentlessly pursue sanctification from sin and transformation into Christlikeness, and
  6. live life for the glory of God.

This a teaching tool for his children…

Thanks, A.J., for not only living the Gospel in front of your children, but also modeling Gospel-parenting in front of friends and acquaintances.

The Fruit of Church Planting

This past Sunday night at our business meeting we voted as a congregation to stop funding one of our three church planters at his request. The reason stated was that the church is now self-supporting. Some encouraging news from this now self-supported church:

  • supporting six missionary families at $1260/month
  • averaging about sixty people each Sunday morning.
  • 75% of their church are first generation Christians
  • training five individuals for full-time ministry
  • planning on planting another church in the same city Continue reading

Summer Adventure Club — Volunteers Needed

To-Do Lists are great. Except for the fact that certain things never make it off the list. And if you’re not careful, the opportunity to get it done may pass you by. Here’s what your list might look like:

  • Renew your vehicle registration
  • Take out the trash
  • Finish a book
  • Write a Last Will and Testament just-in-case-something-tragic-happens-and-you-don’t-want-your-weird-second-uncle-Bert-to-get-the-kids-do-you?
  • Sign up to volunteer for Summer Adventure Club (which is just a week away!)
I can’t help you with the first few items, but that last one is a cinch. Just fill out the form below and then come to the info meeting this Sunday night after the evening service. It’s that simple!