Summer Adventure Club — Volunteers Needed

To-Do Lists are great. Except for the fact that certain things never make it off the list. And if you’re not careful, the opportunity to get it done may pass you by. Here’s what your list might look like:

  • Renew your vehicle registration
  • Take out the trash
  • Finish a book
  • Write a Last Will and Testament just-in-case-something-tragic-happens-and-you-don’t-want-your-weird-second-uncle-Bert-to-get-the-kids-do-you?
  • Sign up to volunteer for Summer Adventure Club (which is just a week away!)
I can’t help you with the first few items, but that last one is a cinch. Just fill out the form below and then come to the info meeting this Sunday night after the evening service. It’s that simple!

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