The Fruit of Church Planting

This past Sunday night at our business meeting we voted as a congregation to stop funding one of our three church planters at his request. The reason stated was that the church is now self-supporting. Some encouraging news from this now self-supported church:

  • supporting six missionary families at $1260/month
  • averaging about sixty people each Sunday morning.
  • 75% of their church are first generation Christians
  • training five individuals for full-time ministry
  • planning on planting another church in the same city
Our church family has supported them for $100/month for the past six-seven years, which means we’ve given a total of $8400 over the past seven years and yet this church is now supporting six additional missionaries and is planning on planting another church soon.¬†Currently we support two other church plants and we are in year two or three of a five-year commitment. Already these two churches are seeing people saved and discipled. We look forward to the day when they too will be self-supporting. These are the fruits of church planting.

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