A Catechism for your Family

When the word, “catechism” is used, many think of Catholicism.  But catechisms have been used in the protestant realm for years as well.  In fact, many are now arguing that one of the factors that has led to the marginalization of Christianity in America is the lack of catechism with our children.

What is a catechism?  Catechism is merely basic instruction in Christian doctrine using questions and answers.  The goal of catechism is to impart biblical theology.  This is not really the place for discussing the pros and cons for each of the protestant catechisms.  I simply want to implore you to find a good tool for teaching your children biblical theology.  I just happen to think catechism is one of the best ways to do it.

Even if you choose not to use a formal catechism, Deuteronomy 6 insists that we must catechize our children. “Our children are developing a theology whether we are teaching them or not.”  – Vodie Baucham.  Everyone has underlying assumptions about the nature of God, man, truth, knowledge and ethics.  If you do not find something that fits your theology, make one of your own.  Failing to catechize our children makes it much easier for the Secular Humanism with which they are constantly bombarded in school, on television, and through friends, neighbors, and coaches to take root and become the guiding principle by which they live.

One of the simplest catechisms to use with my young children is free online.  Choose the age level of your child as the full list does not reflect the age appropriateness of the other lists.  You’ll be surprised at the ability of learning even of a three to four-year old.  Start today and it won’t be long before you’re hearing a common phrase around our house; “Daddy, are we doing questions tonight?” http://www.bjupress.com/resources/bible/bible-truths-christian-growth.php

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  1. Our daughter has a great book along these lines: “Truth and Grace Memory Book” by Thomas K. Ascol, using it with our grandsons. The neat thing is that it has age specific sections and questions (2-3 yrs. 4-5 yrs etc)

  2. This is a great book! I mentioned to our ABF that you had posted this title. Thanks for the great suggestion!

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