Gospel Meditation

In addition to my daily Bible reading I have included a devotional aid to my morning reading. Titled, A Gospel Primer, the booklet includes short readings that are one to three paragraphs per reading, but they are packed with Gospel truths that have greatly encouraged my personal walk with the Lord. Here’s the one I read this morning, titled My Daily Protection:

As long as I am inside the gospel, I experience all the protection I need from the powers of evil that rage against me. It is for this reason that the Bible tells me to “take up” (Eph 6.13) and “put on” (Eph 6) the whole armor of God; and the pieces of armor it tells me to put on are all merely synonyms for the gospel. Translated literally from the Greek, they are: “…the salvation…the justification…truth…the gospel of peace… the faith…[and the]…word of God.” (Eph 6) What are all these expressions but various ways of describing the gospel? Therefore, if I wish to stand victorious in Jesus, I must do as the songwriter suggests and “and put on the gospel armor, each piece put on with prayer.”

That God would tell me to “take up” and “put on” this gospel armor alerts me to the fact that I do not automatically come into each day protected by the gospel. In fact, these commands imply that I am vulnerable to defeat and injury unless I seize upon the gospel and arm myself with it from head to toe. And what better way is there to do this than to preach the gospel to myself and to make it the obsession of my heart throughout the day?

A Gospel Primer for Christians: learning to see the glories of God’s love by Milton Vincent. Focus Publishing, 2008. pp. 15-16.

I highly recommend this booklet. You can purchase it in the church bookstore or here.

Are You Wearing Your Gospel Glasses?

Woe!  What a noticeable difference when you remove your glasses!  Don’t try that while you are driving!

Things that were once so clear are immediately so blurry.  You’re looking at the same stuff.  Your situation hasn’t changed.  But your ability to decipher it clearly and respond appropriately is greatly impaired.

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to lose perspective on some of the “basics” in your relationship with God?   How quickly we lay aside our “gospel glasses” and take in the things of our life with the impaired vision of our worldly wisdom.

Are you wearing your gospel glasses right now?   Take a moment and meditate on some of  the broad overarching realities of how God relates to you in Christ?  Here are just a few:

  • He knows about me (every sin, every hurt, every insecurity)
  • He is with me.  He came to rescue me!
  • He cares about me.  He came to rescue me from each sin, hurt, insecurity.
  • He is for me.  Not in the sense that he exists for me but rather that his glory is also my good.  Therefore, while I exist for His glory, He is always good toward me.
  • He has pity for me, like a Father would for his children’s inabilities and weaknesses.
  • He hears me when I call
  • He helps me when I am helpless
  • He protects me when I cannot protect myself
  • He prays for me when my pleas would not be enough
  • He guides me when I am lost
  • He provides for me when I am surrounded by enemies
  • He strengthens me when I am at my weakest
Are you wearing your gospel glasses today?
Can you think of more of these gospel truths?

‘Hurricane’ Irene: A Better Way to Spend the Day

Well Hurricane Irene has come and while we’ll still have the aftereffects of the hurricane through the remainder of the day for the most part it is gone. What aftereffects? No power, cleaning up basements, picking up limbs, blown over trash cans, possibly a leak in the roof we didn’t realize was there and no church. Let me suggest a few ideas on how to spend this day in a better way than simply watching TV or going through the day without a plan:

Take time to worship as a family. 

  • Read a small portion of Scripture.
  • Give a short explanation to your family. (I read Colossians 1 in my Bible reading this morning and I’ll use Colossians 1.21-23)
  • Sing a song that your family knows.
  • If you have young children this may take 10-15 minutes

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Final Post from the Philippines

We had a wonderful week of seeing the power of the gospel working in the lives of the Filipino people. As of the end of yesterday our 32 person team preached to over 50,000 Philippines.  The majority accepted Christ as their savior.  Our team has preached on an average of 7-10 times per day.  Everyone on our team preached that many times.  It has created a burden in our hearts to do a better job of  reaching people in the United States.

Pray for the SMCI team that they could follow-up with the thousands of individuals who came to Christ.  The fields are ripe onto harvest but the labors are few.

Pray for the safety of the SMCI workers.  There is an active Muslim insurgency on the island.  The team plans to push deeper into Muslim dominated areas.  The island of Mindanao is truly a needy island.  The economic conditions are 3rd world but their spirits are amazing.  It is truly humbling to think about the things we complain about when you see how little the people have.

This week will forever change the way we look at the gospel.  The power of the gospel was seen like we have never seen it before.

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Quick Post

The day was incredible.  We had a couple of mass evangelism meetings in both a high school and college.  The responses are overwhelming.  The holy spirit is moving greatly across this nation.  At Tagum high school we had a mass evangelism session and we spoke in several classrooms. One of the teachers came over to us and told us he was a Christian.  He was so thankful we had spoken to the students. He said that he could not openly talk about Christ to the students but was so thankful we could.  We also meet the school Christian Club leader. He is a believer and was so excited to see us.  The principal had me pray for the school and the staff.  What an experience.  In the United States we have students who cannot pray in Jesus name at high school graduations.

Happy Birthday & More Thursday Pics

Kevin & Linda, Pastor Mike Redick, Anna & Jeff Musgrave

Happy Birthday, Ma’am Linda

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Thursday Pics from Philippines

This high school has 3,000 students we preached in every class room.

The Philippine Army has checkpoints coming into Davao City to intercept communist guerillas and Muslim insurgents.  The communist guerillas kidnapped one of the island’s mayors this past week.  One of the pastors traveling with us continues to Continue reading