Philippines Photos & Update from Monday

Our first school of the day.  The kids were in the courtyard singing their school song and pledging allegiance to the Philippines.  The children are very respectful to us.  They are very excited to have people visit their school.   There are some distractions to preaching the gospel within each classroom, but most are very receptive to the gospel message.  We preached today to over 10,000 students and had thousands of decisions for Christ.  It is amazing to see how God is working in this nation.

One of the schools we went to today was over 50% Muslim.  Every school we went to has a significant presence of Muslim students.  They do listen to the gospel and I have been told that a good number have come to Christ.

Davao has a large Muslim population.  In the country side there are radical Muslims who desire independence from the Philippines. The Muslims we are preaching to are peace loving and are not interested in conflict.

There is also a strong communist guerilla operation on the island.  One of the pastors we are working with has lead a number of their leaders to the Lord.  We are truly seeing the life changing power of the gospel.

In another school before we could teach we all had to go to the principal’s office.  This principal was a Christian and had prayer with our team.  It was a moving experience. The principles are for the most part friendly.  It is amazing that we are going into public schools.

Rachael had the opportunity to preach the gospel to 8 deaf students.  There is not a teacher who knows sign language in the school.   The students were so excited.  They followed Rachael around campus.  What a blessing to see how God worked through Rachael.

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